Our history

Azienda Vitivinicola Pietro Gazzola is located in the middle Trebbia valley which enjoys, protected by its surrounding hills, a climate that is ideal both for
wine and cultivation of vine. The company was founded in the early ‘70s by Antonio Gazzola, who inherited a small farm. Antonio Gazzola, with love and passion, expanded the small farm to its current size.
For many years, the Company avoids the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides, preferring the prevention of diseases of the vineyard using the integrated fight methods thus respecting the environment and preventing also any pollution.

The production

The company produces about 1,5 mil/bottles per year of wines traditionally coming from Piacenza area and the greatest prevalence is represented by Gutturnio (declined in its three versions: sparkling, still, and superior still) Ortugo and Malvasia di Candia.
The company produces also a line of aged wines from grapes carefully selected called “Malanotte” dedicated to restaurants and wine shops, which includes Chardonnay, Malvasia, sweet Malvasia, Gutturnio reserve and a classic method sparkling wine.
The company has wide spaces and dedicated areas for both processing and storage operations of its products and it is equipped to bottle and to package its vines with a delivery time of 48 hours from the order in the Italian Territory. The working organization and the consolidated network of outsourcing suppliers of services allow the Company to prepare and organize, in a short time, consistent orders, as well as to arrange transport and delivery to customers. Our selections strictly comply with the standards of quality and our proposal entirely relates to high level products. Our skills allow us to present our Company as the right solution for our potential partners sharing together a path that can only lead to be market leaders.